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    Jolteon Dreams

    Post by Inazuma Sun on Sun 13 Aug 2017, 9:14 pm

    That's right. 11 years ago, I built a Jolteon-themed forum, located at though it was hacked while the forum was still in its early days, a malicious user across the ocean from me somehow got my password then logged into my Admin cp, deleting the memberbase then the forum itself. This person did this to several forums I was mod/admin at, it remains a sore spot after all this time due to not fully rebuilding everything that was lost. Partially because I didn't have the resources to bring all that stuff back the way I wanted to, partially because the forums were dead anyway...

    Well, I'm sick of social networking sites due to their mostly unmoderated nature, & I prefer my own small little community anyway. I love forums, they're fun, so why not, let's try to bring Jolteon Dreams back. Somehow.

    You can visit my other forums, or check out my IJ where I post creative works.

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