Voting for Jolteon Dreams

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    Voting for Jolteon Dreams

    Post by Inazuma Sun on Sun 17 Sep 2017, 12:41 am

    So you might be wondering what the hell these listings are -- at the moment, all of them are topsite listings, where visitors vote for a site to increase its ranking so people will see it when they come vote for another site. To vote for Jolteon Dreams & increase our ranking on these listings, just click on them. They open in a new window & some of them vote automatically, some of them want you to click on a button to confirm your vote first to avoid people that try to trick others.

    A lot of sites on these listings are inactive but that just means its easier for a small forum like this one to boost its ranking. You can vote once a day, so please click while you're checking the forums or something. Joy [Cyndaquil]

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