Kid Icarus Uprising

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    Kid Icarus Uprising

    Post by Inazuma Sun on Mon 02 Oct 2017, 4:16 pm

    So I'm actually enjoying this game so far despite knowing a lot of people hated it [my brother can't even control it] & I left it sitting on the shelf unplayed for years after I bought it for $20 at a used game/video shop... with AR cards still inside. Not that I've gotten them to work but I'll keep trying, I was kind of in the car when I thought of it the first time...

    Anyway I made Pit a furry because you can fuse weapons & shit. Enjoy my

    hedgehog claws and

    paw-pad orbitars

    This game doesn't let you post screencaps to miiverse anyway. Nintendo why the fuck did you do shit like this, ever

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