Hey Vsauce, Jolteon Dreams here


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    Hey Vsauce, Jolteon Dreams here

    Post by Inazuma Sun on Fri 06 Oct 2017, 1:49 pm


    Vsauce, Vsauce2 & Vsauce3 are... weird but amazing channels. All three of them feature videos that kind of take a subject and dissect it, with each channel having their own style this is done in. The videos are usually going into things like science, philosophy, psychology, even mathematics [oh god the fucking napkin ring video Fainting [Eevee] ]

    Vsauce is Michael Stevens, my personal favourite, @Baron Espurr likes to describe his videos as a type of poetry -- he typically starts with a question, then goes into answering it the best he can, while pulling information from all sorts of seemingly unrelated topics. He finds a way to weave them all together. The others do this too, but he does it the best. He also has a youtube red series that really REALLY makes the service tempting... but I can hold back unless Jake Roper [Vsauce3] or Ashens start a red series.

    Vsauce2 is Kevin Lieber, and he's... the weirdest one out of all three of them honestly. His topics are a little more fantastical or ridiculous on the surface, especially when you're looking at just the video titles ["Man vs Dragon", "The Planet Behind Your Eyes", "The Water Fountain You Pee In"... these make you go "WTF"] and he also doesn't appear to have as many videos in the typical Vsauce style as the other two, he has other content like Mind Blows and stuff & it still fits in nicely.

    Vsauce3 is Jake Roper who I fucking adore [I'm subbed to his vlog too] and his topics are probably the most relevant here on Jolteon Dreams, so I'll actually embed some of his. He likes to really look into the shit that goes down in video games, and his videos are often quite a step up from the other two in terms of production -- he's theatrical with his presentation.

    Before I get to that, though, I'm going to mention today's video, which was by Vsauce3 incidentally. It's really important, about creativity, or the "failure" of it, a good watch for ANY type of artist. A Video About Not Making A Video. He hits on EVERY note. He has a tattoo that says "CREATE" and one of my favourite things about Jake as a person is that I connect really strongly to that URGE to create that he has.

    Outside of today, Vsauce3 has done several videos about Pokemon! One of them is even relevant to Jolteon, just replace Pikachu. It really puts into perspective how fucking deadly these critters are, as well as lends accidental support to the whole "the kid is the one that writes the dex entries" theory...

    I know, four embeds in one post, but these are all quality and relevant so forgive me. I'll make sure not to embed videos for several posts to make up for it, especially since this is the OP which means it'll get repeated at the top of every page. [I may edit this later if it causes a lot of load issues.]

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